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University to deduct regressive “contributions” for new paid leave program

Don’t worry coaches and administrators – you only have to pay on your first $133K of salary. The faculty union tried to get the university to pay the full cost, but apparently the admins don’t think our real wages have fallen enough yet, so instead they’re going to use regressive taxation contributions:

Paid Family and Medical Leave A new UO state-mandated leave benefit begins in September 2023 
The State of Oregon has mandated a new program called Paid Leave Oregon, which will provide paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child, an employee or family member’s serious illness or injury, or for employees experiencing sexual assault, domestic violence, harassment, or stalking. The University of Oregon’s Paid Leave Oregon program will be administered by The Standard and will be called Oregon Paid Family and Medical Leave.  

What You Need to Know Now 
Contributions will begin in September of 2023 through payroll deduction.  

Employees will see their first payroll deduction for this program on their September 30 paycheck.  
The contribution rate matches the state plan as a percentage of wages and is set at 1 percent for 2023 up to a maximum. The rate is jointly funded by the employee and the university. The employee pays 60 percent of the tax and the UO pays 40 percent on their behalf. For example, if an employee’s gross pay totals $1,000 dollars, then the tax is 1 percent of the $1,000, which means the employee pays $6, or 60 percent of the tax rate, and the UO pays $4, or 40 percent.  
Benefits become available on September 3, 2023, and The Standard, our contracted provider, will be the first point of contact for claims processing.  
Employees may initiate the claims process beginning August 14 for qualifying absences that will occur September 3 or after. They should contact The Standard directly to initiate a claim. Once eligibility and qualifying claims status are confirmed, The Standard will notify the UO Benefits Office for further processing. Instructions are provided on the HR website.  
As a reminder, The Standard is our disability insurance provider with experience managing similar plans. They are well positioned to provide accurate and timely service and claims processing support for our employees.  Support and ResourcesIf you have questions about leave eligibility or the claims application process, please contact The Standard’s Services Center at 1-800-242-1888 with the University of Oregon policy number 762384-Z for reference.If you have general questions about the program, please Please review the HR website, the program noticefrequently asked questions, or contact a UO leaves representative at [email protected]


  1. thedude 08/16/2023

    Union better deliver. Otherwise only way to get back this wage cut is too leave the union.

    • UO Matters Post author | 08/16/2023

      Professors better get their colleagues ready to strike.

      • thedude 08/16/2023

        I’m happy to strike. How about a quarter long zoom strike (we teach, but only on zoom). After a few angry emails from parents the admins will cave.

  2. Inquiring minds 08/18/2023

    I am perplexed by your discontent directed at UO. This is a state law. Most employees in Oregon have been contributing since January. If UO did not establish its own you would be paying into state program. And btw this is benefit in many cases replaces need for short term disability insurance and it covers parental and infant care

    • UO Matters Post author | 08/18/2023

      State law requires UO to have this program (or use the state plan), but it does not require UO to fund it by reducing pay. This was a chance for our administrators to make a small move towards making up for some of the large real pay cuts we’ve had from inflation. Instead they decided to stick us with most of the cost.

  3. I, Robot 08/20/2023

    uom does not seem to take material from my computer. It asks me to check a box affirming that I am human. But it does not accept my affirmation. not always I am beginning to doubt myself. Can this be fixed I wonder

  4. Anas clypeata 08/20/2023

    So if you make $48,000 a year, you pay $480 per year, or 1% of your income. (Technically, the UO “contributes” 40% of the payment on your behalf that otherwise could have been paid to you as salary, so it’s the same as you contributing it.)

    And if you make $480,000 a year, you pay $1,329 per year, or 0.28% of your income.

    If you make $48,000 a year and take a month off, you get $4,000 from the fund, or 8.3 months of your contributions.

    If you make $480,000 a year and take a month off, you get 40,000 from the fund, or 30 months of your contributions.

    That seems fair. Or maybe I misunderstand something about the system. Or about fairness.

    • UO Matters Post author | 08/20/2023

      Surely the payouts are in proportion to the mandatory “contributions”.

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