UO not quite at bottom of Big 10/18!

In terms of full professor salaries, that is. Data from the AAUP:

Average Full Prof Salary
Northwestern University235
University of Maryland, College Park191
University of Michigan189
Rutgers University–New Brunswick185
Pennsylvania State University172
Michigan State University171
University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign171
University of Wisconsin–Madison170
Ohio State University165
University of Washington163
Purdue University160
University of Iowa157
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities156
University of Oregon149
University of Indiana – Bloomington147
University of Nebraska–Lincoln142
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9 Responses to UO not quite at bottom of Big 10/18!

  1. Thedude says:

    I know the associates at Iowa are making more than foals at Oregon by at least 20%…..

  2. Townie says:

    Question: Which conference would UO dominate in terms of academics?

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Do these comparisons take into account faculty composition? e.g. whether there is a med school? Do they attempt to take into account benefits aka “total compensation”? If not, they can be grossly misleading, i.e. silly. How many of these schools have the 6% retirement “pickup”? Do any of them have anything like Tier 1 Oregon PERS? I know, summers in Ohio are really nice …

    • Thedude says:

      Almost every school has its equivalent of a tier benefit system where the tier one benefits are way better. Those have that have come later so pers isn’t that special other than some weird accounting formulas that helped the people that already retired.

    • Not grossly misleading says:

      I’ve heard many a Tier 1 senior faculty administrator say the same about our wonderful benefits when comparing salaries between schools. Interestingly, the same administrators don’t want to hear anything about comparing Tier 1/2/3 benefit levels when discussing equity raises. I’d be surprised if more than 30% of the current full professors are still Tier 1, and yet salaries are gauged on those who came before….
      Tier 3 benefits are pretty standard across the country. Health benefits here are decent but the real savings is very dependent on the person.
      Completely agree that we have the absolutely nicest unpaid summers….

  4. Oldtimer says:

    To UO matters, I’m no economist, but wouldn’t these be more informative if adjusted for cost of living?