UO Trustees hold emergency meeting to discuss academic issues

Just kidding, sports is what they care about:


The UO Board of Trustees (BOT) will hold an emergency meeting today, August 4, 2023 at 2:30 pm PT.  This meeting will be held remotely via videoconference with a livestream link available for members of the public and the media. The topic of the meeting is time sensitive athletic conference issues.

Meeting materials will be available at https://trustees.uoregon.edu/upcoming-meetings and the livestream link will be available athttps://trustees.uoregon.edu/meetings.

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10 Responses to UO Trustees hold emergency meeting to discuss academic issues

  1. Publius says:

    I didnt realize until I listened to this meeting that the Big 10 was an academic conference, from which Oregon will benefit from its extensive research activities.

  2. thedude says:

    Emergency solved. We’re joining the big 10. Who cares about faculty or staff salaries and retention problems…

    Eugene airport better get that expansion done ASAP to support more direct flights to midwest hubs…

  3. charlie says:

    From MSM published articles, UOwe and UW are getting less than 1/2 the payout the other BIG10 members will receive, and that lasts until 2030. From the time they entered, USC/UCLA received full payouts.

    Sort of analogous to four workers being hired, three get full pay, one get’s less than !/2. When asked why, da boss says that’s all you’re worth, take it or leave it. Maryland and Rutgers, which have little to no national athletic profile, are getting more than 2x what the PNW teams are receiving. Guess all that Nike PR schtick didn’t amount to much…

  4. Townie says:

    UO has made it to the Big Leagues! It’s a big times sports school!