Faculty Union convinces Administration to follow the linear arrow of time

Dear Associate Deans, Heads, and personnel review staff,

The Office of the Provost has clarified and changed the guidance posted during the pandemic about delaying a post-tenure review. [UOM: After lots of persuasion from the faculty union. Why is this not mentioned? Aren’t academics supposed to acknowledge other people’s work?] Formerly, a COVID extension for a 3rd-year PTR review delayed the 3PTR for a year but did not change the following 3PTR or 6PTR timeline, resulting in a subsequent review two years, rather than three years, later.

We are amending this, effective immediately: a 3PTR delay resulting from the COVID extension will also delay the subsequent PTR review by a year. Please make sure the faculty review timelines in Banner reflect this change. The option is still available for faculty to undergo the subsequent PTR on their original timeline, but many of your faculty members may want to extend their subsequent PTR due to the COVID delay.

If you haven’t yet notified faculty about their AY23-24 PTRs, please be sure your notification letters follow this update. If you’ve already sent review notification letters, please let impacted faculty know they may wait to undergo PTR until next year. This change and clarification will be beneficial for faculty.

All the best,
Renee Irvin

Renée A. Irvin, PhD
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403-1219

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3 Responses to Faculty Union convinces Administration to follow the linear arrow of time

  1. Fishwrapper says:

    Time is an illusion. Leadership even more so.

  2. I Robot says:

    test of the gatekeeper!

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    One of the worst things about the plague of administrators taking over higher education is the time wasted dealing with and complying with their pointless demands. Much more costly than the mere financial cost. Of course they have to deal with their own levels of pestilence, e.g. dept of ed and accred agencies.