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Interim Provost Woodruff-Borden announces another pay cut

A 3% pool, while inflation is predicted to be about 4%. So let’s call it a 1% real pay cut, and a reminder of what our Johnson Hall leadership thinks of your merit:

Good afternoon,

I am pleased to share important information about fiscal year 2024 salary increases. The University of Oregon has established a 3 percent merit pool to provide salary increases for bargaining unit and unrepresented faculty members.

The merit pool will be distributed in accordance with Article 26, Section 3, of the United Academics collective bargaining agreement. Unrepresented faculty will also receive merit increases if they meet the eligibility criteria. To be eligible for a merit increase, the faculty member must:

  • have a faculty appointment on or before July 1, 2023;
  • be in a career or tenure-track and tenured classification; and
  • have documented meritorious performance as determined by their unit-level merit review policy based on the work performed by the faculty member since the faculty member’s last merit review or since the faculty member’s start date if the faculty member was hired during the last review period.

All salary increases are effective January 1, 2024.

If you have questions about the FY24 merit process within your unit, please contact your department head. Questions regarding the collective bargaining agreement and the terms for this year’s merit increase can be emailed to [email protected].


Janet Woodruff-Borden
Interim Provost


  1. Another misleading headline 09/07/2023

    You once again forgot to complete the title….

    “Interim Provost Woodruff-Borden announces another pay cut that was contractually agreed to by UA.”

    • UO Matters Post author | 09/07/2023

      How about “Interim Provost Woodruff-Borden and Prez Scholz refuse to use their authority to reduce the pay cuts that UA agreed to under duress, during a pandemic, after she and then Pres Schill threatened mass layoffs while claiming a budget crisis that actually turned out to be a windfall of state and federal bailouts”

  2. Thedude 09/08/2023

    Rumors I’ve heard is that the union is getting ready to roll over again and it isn’t even going to ask for raises to make up for past inflation… Better be wrong or I’m turning in my union card.

    • UO Matters Post author | 09/08/2023

      If you make up something and say it to yourself is that the same as hearing it?

      • Fishwrapper 09/10/2023

        That’s what I’ve heard…

  3. Anonymous 09/08/2023

    And Johnson Hall is pleased and excited to announce that they have given leave for the sun to rise tomorrow. (Oh, but actually, a football game on Saturday might have something to do with that…)

  4. Anonymous 09/12/2023

    I haven’t been here very long– does this mean that for OAs, we don’t get a COLA increase, but just this merit pool, which can be anywhere up to 3%? Or will there be an additional across-the-board COLA? Because damn, dude. 3% is insulting.

    • UO Matters Post author | 09/12/2023

      Welcome to the University of Oregon, and yes it is.

      • thedude 09/17/2023

        It can be more than 3 percent, only if someone else gets a raise lower than that.

        The only people who have found ways around this are the admins who find ways to give themselves big raises by making new positions.

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