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  1. I Robot 09/16/2023

    test indeed. I can’t submit comments from my office computer. UOM won’t take my word for it that I’m human. Phone works fine, my lies get through no problem.

  2. UO Matters Post author | 09/17/2023

    My spam filter does not believe you are human? I have the feeling this AI thing is going to end badly.

    • Fishwrapper 09/17/2023

      It already has.

    • I Robot 09/18/2023

      Esteemed Colleague Bill: Yes, the software is cancelling your faithful correspondent but only when he comments via UO network. I don’t want to make Esteemed Colleague any more paranoid than he surely already is, but is this perhaps an instance of UO sabotage? A friend suggests that this is the real function of the famous Phildo.

      • UO Matters Post author | 09/18/2023

        Are you posting from a Johnson Hall IP address? I’ve had some nutty moments from there and I can see why the AI’s Bayesian priors might put a low probability on humanity.

  3. I Robot 09/18/2023

    Right, on my office computer — not in Johnson unit btw — it doesn’t accept my humanity — but on the android now, it thinks all is well with me. It used to work fine.

    • UO Matters Post author | 09/18/2023

      Yes, an Android would work, wouldn’t it? If you see a driverless Tesla headed towards you remember that you can’t outrun it, and if you lie down and play dead the infrared cameras will know you are not, yet. Our only hope is to climb trees and wait for their batteries to die.

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