9 Responses to Pres Schill’s new university digs into sordid Duck Athletics history

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mike Schill derives his approach to leadership from extensive studies of the ancient Roman philosopher, Marcus Gelatinous, who famously posited that “invertebrati semper nobiscum erunt.”

  2. moss defender says:

    The Emerald seems ineffective to say the least. Kara Gouchers new book The Longest Race should be required reading at UO and Mary Cains video by NYT on youtube provides additional important info – it is called I Was The Fastest Girl in America Until I Joined Nike…Eugene has become a low info cesspool

  3. honest Uncle Gangsta says:

    And OSU’s new pres claims they will raise their graduation rate to 100%! That must be good stuff they handed her up there!

    • Fishwrapper says:

      Yeah, when I first heard that, I said, “Riiiiight…” out loud, as part of a many-voiced chorus. Which, of course, started a conversation, and got people thinking about what it means to make such an audacious statement.

      More a mindset than a metric, this goal will require us to productively disrupt many of the ways we are organized and approach our work. Every member of our community should approach their work, their responsibilities and their obligations toward the academic fulfillment and success of our students.

      You can read more here: https://leadership.oregonstate.edu/strategic-plan/three-goals

  4. moss defender says:

    in other Corvallis news this month the OSU overhyped homegrown mini nuclear plant outfit NuScale seems to have melted down lol

    • honest Uncle Gangsta says:

      hah hah I guess instead, they will fill the Willamette Valley with wind turbines and solar panels?