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Econ Prof Keaton Miller to discuss faculty raise proposal with Trustees and Senate this week

The UO Trustees presentation is at ~9AM Tuesday at and the UO Senate one will be sometime after 4PM Wednesday, at
Supporters are asked to chant
What do we want? Average!
When do we want it? In three years!
at their computers (while muted of course, we’re not the GTFF, yet). Details on the proposal to raise faculty salaries to the average of our AAU comparators (from 86%) and some evidence UO can afford it are in Miller’s earlier post here. The actual bargaining proposal is here.
The Administration’s initial response to the proposal could be presented as early as this Thursday’s bargaining session at 12:30PM, in 125 Chiles or on Zoom here. The expectation however is that Pres Scholz will drag this out for months in an ensanguined effort to make the trustees think he’s doing his job, as he did before giving the GTFF most of what they wanted.


  1. Serge Protektor 03/11/2024

    AVERAGE! AVERAGE! Is our cry. A-V-E-R-A-G-E!

  2. K. Waldheim 03/12/2024

    So far I’ve learned that UO’s biggest problem is its complicity in carpet bombing Gaza. Interesting stuff.

  3. UO Matters Post author | 03/12/2024

    I have to say that Board chair Steve Holwerda did a great job moderating the public comment session. His politeness, calmness, and respect for students and their right to speak was a refreshing and disarmingly effective change from the way the board under Chuck Lillis used to handle these sorts of situations.

    • Keaton Miller 03/12/2024

      I never went to Board meetings during Lillis’ tenure, so I can’t comment on that. But sitting in the room, I was indeed impressed with the Chair’s handling of a very charged situation. I heard a few scoffs at his concluding remarks, but I don’t know that I would have been more eloquent than he was in that moment.

      I was also impressed by the students, the vast majority of which did a wonderful job expressing their views forcefully yet respectfully.

  4. Anon 03/12/2024

    Can anyone explain why the students are so passionate about Palestine and Israel, but had nothing to say about Putin’s war in Ukraine, or the 100’s of thousands of dead and starving in, say, Sudan and Ethiopia, or the possible civilization ending threat from AI, etc?

    • UO Matters Post author | 03/12/2024

      I can’t.

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