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Admin team to try and explain Pres Scholz’s real pay cut proposal to union Thursday at 12:30

Last updated on 04/04/2024

Email from the UAUO Union:

United Academics is back at the bargaining table this week, Thursday April 4, from 12:30-3:30 in Chiles 125. Come out and support your bargaining team! The administration has promised to walk us through their lackluster salary proposal which fails to keep up with inflation, puts us farther behind our comparators, and excludes raises for many of the faculty in your bargaining unit.

Let’s pack the room again!

Your presence in the Zoom also makes a difference, but in-person sends a stronger message! …

Presumably Bruce McGough, Soc Sci Assoc Dean and Professor of Economics, will take the lead on explaining why President Scholz has not bothered to make a serious response to UAUO’s modest proposal to get faculty pay to average, three years from now.


  1. cdsinclair 04/04/2024

    If we want raises and equitable salaries we’re going to have to make them give them to us.

    Admin isn’t going to roll over and admit their failures (ever!) and those who want the university to remain a competitive research university (the faculty) are going to have to make that happen ourselves. Admin seems quite comfortable with us being the lowest paid in the AAU and doesn’t seem to recognize this as an existential threat to recruiting and retaining the excellence they crave.

  2. UO Matters Post author | 04/04/2024

    I see Bruce McGough is there for the Admins – I’m waiting for him to start discussing their salary proposal.

    • UO Matters Post author | 04/04/2024

      The admins stalled on explaining their salary proposal, so now Keaton is asking some pointed clarifying questions about Brian Fox’s presentation.

  3. UO Matters Post author | 04/04/2024

    When the admins finally did get around to pay, Bruce McGough (Economics and CAS Assoc Dean of SocSci) explained why the admins rejected the unions proposal to do merit every 3 years in favor of annual (and tiny) merit raises, despite the time-suck and bad feelings of doing the reviews. Paraphrasing, he said that when he was a dept head he hated doing merit reviews, but now that he’s an deanlet and could make other people do the work, he could see why they are a good idea. The Greeks had a word for this.

  4. Out of the loop 04/05/2024

    I’m sorry I missed this session! Is there a calendar with bargaining session dates and locations? I can *sometimes* make it, but I need more than 24 hours of notice from UO Matters. :)

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