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Fake Science for Sale

In economics one good paper a year is a respectable career and the review process can take many years. Apparently the physical sciences are more responsive to market pressures:

Fake studies have flooded the publishers of top scientific journals, leading to thousands of retractions and millions of dollars in lost revenue. The biggest hit has come to Wiley, a 217-year-old publisher based in Hoboken, N.J., which Tuesday will announce that it is closing 19 journals, some of which were infected by large-scale research fraud.

In the past two years, Wiley has retracted more than 11,300 papers that appeared compromised, according to a spokesperson, and closed four journals. It isn’t alone: At least two other publishers have retracted hundreds of suspect papers each. Several others have pulled smaller clusters of bad papers.

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  1. honest Uncle Bernie 05/14/2024

    Yeah, but econ looks like a quack science to many on the outside.

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