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Scholz administration to pursue criminal charges against investiture protestors?

It’s like when the road rash you got in that bike crash is mostly healed over but now you’ve got an itch you just gotta scratch, even though you know it’s gonna start bleeding again:


In a conversation with the Daily Emerald, University of Oregon spokesperson Eric Howald confirmed that the university is considering a criminal investigation into pro-Palestine protesters interrupting UO President John Karl Scholz’ investiture ceremony at Matthew Knight Arena on May 30.

Protestors further vandalized campus property, which Howald said that UO is reviewing photo and video footage from this and the protestors’ actions at the ceremony. Howald confirmed that the school is using the documentation to pursue both criminal and academic charges against student protestors.



    • UO Matters Post author | 06/04/2024

      Unfortunately the Senate will not be able to approve my motion requiring that all undergrads complete a course in humor and sarcasm until next academic year.


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