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While we wait for Scholz’s team to find Provost Long’s contract, here’s his:

Pres Karl Scholz contract 2023

And if the President job doesn’t work out, he’s got a fall-back guarantee of a sweet job as an Econ Professor – with no responsibilities for the first year:

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  1. caufee 06/06/2024

    “Retention” raises? Sort of in conflict with the “I’m sorry, the University of Oregon doesn’t make retention offers.”

    And “COLA?” We long ago banned from use when the faculty pointed out that proposed wage increases didn’t keep up with inflation so could not designated as COLA. You know, cost of living an all that?

    “Across the board” appears, too. Which we’ve learned recently the administration would rather deny.

    Karl: We have more institutional knowledge than you. Catch up faster. Maybe ask us?

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