Goldschmidt victim obituary

1/31/2011: The Oregonian prints the tragic story of Elizabeth Duncan, the girl who was the victim of Neil Goldschmidt, former Oregon Governor, US Secretary of Transporation, and (briefly) OUS President. She died two weeks ago after a life of drug abuse and mental illness. He is still a well connected politico and consultant in Portland. The story reports – I think for the first time – that he first had sex with her when she was 13, and continued while she was a UO Clark Honors College student.

The wikipedia entry on former UO President Frohnmayer explains his odd link to the scandal:

Frohnmayer was the Republican nominee for Governor of Oregon in 1990. Popular Democratic incumbent Neil Goldschmidt withdrew after Frohnmayer’s campaign manager, Donna Zajonc, said “…you’ve got to believe that the best family will win” at a news conference,[1] which was then reported by Jeff Mapes in The Oregonian.[2] Zajonc’s statement was interpreted at the time as threat to use Goldschmidt’s collapsing marriage as a political issue.[2][3] Goldschmidt quickly withdrew from the race, an event that was considered one of the “great mysteries in Oregon politics”[1] until 2004, when Goldschmidt admitted to having a sexual relationship with a minor in the 1970s.[4] He and Goldschmidt had been classmates at University of California, Berkeley law school. Frohnmayer subsequently lost the election to Barbara Roberts, the Democrat who was nominated after Goldschmidt’s withdrawal, in a three-way race that included independent, Oregon Citizens Alliance-backed[5] candidate Al Mobley.[6]

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