Faculty/Administration bargaining proposals master page

This page has links to all the CBA articles put forward so far. In January the administration will start responding and perhaps present counter-proposals. Now is your chance to give your opinions and suggestions.

The links below take you to a separate page for each article, which has a link to a pdf of that article. I will update this regularly with new articles as they are put up, and add links to the administration’s counter-proposals when those are available. Currently the pages are bare bones, but I’ll add more info as time goes on.

Having separate sub-pages for each article allows people to make specific comments about specific articles. I do not want these sub-pages to get cluttered with generic pro or anti union comments and I will delete comments if necessary. Please keep the focus on what is good or bad about the particular article and how you think it should be changed. I also do not want people to post comments on this main page that deal with a specific article. I may delete those too, or move them to the appropriate sub-page.

This is an independent UO Matters production, not affiliated with the union or the administration. I’ve put what I think are particularly important articles in bold. 12/16/12.


Article 1: Recognition

Article 2: Academic Ranks

Article 3: Shared Governance

Article 4: Past Practices

Article 7: Academic Freedom

Article 8: Non-Discrimination

Article 9: Contracts

Article 10: Workload

Article 11: Academic Staffing Ratios

Article 12: NTTF Evaluation and Promotion

Article 13: Tenure Review and Promotion

Article 14: Promotion and Tenure Denial Grievance

Article 15: Grievance Procedure

Article 16: Arbitration

Article 17: Consultation

Article 24: Leaves

Article 27: Class Size

Article 28: Faculty Handbook

Article 30: Overhead Policy and Transparency

Article 32: Sabbatical

Article 34: Facilities and Support

Article 36: Strike, Lockout

Article 37: Separability

Article 38: Jury Duty

Article 39: Distribution of Agreement

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12 Responses to Faculty/Administration bargaining proposals master page

  1. Anonymous says:

    My suggestion to UO is that you prepare your own proposals, entirely of anything this union has presented, based on what you need to protect the institution from LERC/AFT/AAUP/AFL-CIO/SEIU et al. This shift from academic co-management to an arms-length legalistic contractual relationship has put the UO legal team in the drivers’ seat. So drive the bus. The riders don’t design the bus route. You do. The Amalgamated Transit Workers don’t decide where the bus stops or how much the bus fare is or whether it is time to buy a new bus. You do. The faculty have chosen to be academic workers rather than managerial policy-makers and co-managers. Hey, the workers at Saturn were too stupid to see a good thing when they had it, too. Respect their wishes. Present a full contract proposal. Don’t be nickeled and dimed to death. Don’t agree to the “little stuff” now when it may be needed to close the deal later. Welcome to 20th century employment relations. See ya!

  2. roo says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If the students and the faculty are the university, what are the employees who are not student or faculty?

    • Anon. says:

      Why, they are employees of the University or of the Administration.

    • UO Matters says:

      I think the contract should refer to them as “All that stands between us and the abyss”

    • Anonymous says:

      …that we have created.”

    • Anonymous says:

      The sad truth is that this has all been enabled by Oregon’s corrupt political culture of horse-trading legislative agendas: you don’t oppose my legislation and I won’t oppose yours. Oregon public collective bargaining legislation is based on the false assumption that all academic employees have a community of interest. They don’t. Tenure and tenure-track faculty shouldn’t be in any collective bargaining unit. They are because the statute forbids their being designated as managerial employees (institutional policy-makers). There is no will to reexamine any of it. The backs have been scratched.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the comments and sentiments from the penultimate anonymous. The union understands the concerns and problems best, but not the practicalities of solutions. The admin should take what it knows about union concerns and craft their own ideas to bring to the table. Unfortunately, I don’t see the necessary knowledge, wisdom, or creativity among those directly involved on the admin side. Bad administrators have driven out the good ones and who has any idea what our new prez has to offer. let’s hope he is being very savvy in guiding and coordinating behind the scene. In all the proposals, unintended consequences are lurking.

    • Anonymous says:

      But at least UOMatters and AAUP/AFT continue to make this a very merry christmas for Harangue Long!

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