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Preamble UAUO CBA 2012


5 This Agreement, entered into as of the date of ratification, is between the State of 
6 Oregon, acting by and through the Oregon State Board of Higher Education on behalf of 
7 the University of Oregon, herein referred to as Administration, and United Academics, 
8 American Association of University Professors – American Federation of Teachers, AFL-
9 CIO, herein referred to as Union. 
10 The intent and purpose of this Agreement is to ensure that working conditions allow all 
11 faculty to pursue excellence and innovation in education, research and service at the 
12 University of Oregon and both to uphold the mission of the University of Oregon and 
13 strengthen civil society through a vibrant system of public education. The parties 
14 recognize that good faith collective bargaining is a means of achieving this purpose and 
15 that such collaboration will contribute to the interests of the University of Oregon. 

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