Closes 5PM today: Vote for UO Senate and Committee membership

Max Thornberry has a story on the Senate in the Emerald, here. Some extracts:

“American universities are the best in the world because of our strong tradition of academic freedom,” [Incoming President Harbaugh] said, “and because of the principle that the faculty, not the administration, controls the academic mission in all its details.”

Tangibly, the effects the Senate has on the school are felt in the forms of new courses and policies regarding majors. Academic matters can be loosely defined as well. The Responsible Employee Policy on sexual assault reporting will be discussed at the Senate meeting on May 11.

The current Senate has been active in the last year, approving 22 resolutions, legislation and policy proposals.

Moving forward, the role that the senate plays is set to increase. President Michael Schill “strongly believes in joint faculty control,” Sullivan said. “I think the senate is playing an increasingly influential role in academic reforms.” [Said outgoing President Randy Sullivan.]

The ballot is here, if you want to see who is running before you go to the voting website.

To vote, log into Duckweb here. If you see a warning about a potentially fatal contagious disease, you’re in the right place. Just click on the faculty/staff icon and it will take you to your ballot.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.35.24 PM

The election closes Monday May 9th at 5PM. If you have problems with your ballot contact Betina at

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