UO Media Relations can’t help RG with request for PERS info

It takes our well paid army of PR flacks more than a week to get UO’s payroll numbers? Saul Hubbard’s story on PERS costs is here:

… The Register-Guard requested budget figures from the cities of Eugene and Springfield, Lane County government, the Eugene 4J, Bethel and Springfield school districts, the Eugene Water & Electric Board, the University of Oregon and Lane Community College to try and estimate how the new PERS rates would affect their budgets — and ultimately taxpayers — starting next summer. Those numbers contain certain assumptions for all agencies: that the size of their workforces will stay relatively flat and that employee wages will grow at historical rates.

According to those projections, PERS costs for the eight agencies that responded will grow by $18.25 million in the first year of the rate increases. The city of Eugene and the Eugene 4J School District, with the two largest workforces, face the biggest cost increases: $4.1 million and $4.4 million, respectively. For other agencies: Springfield Public Schools will face $2.67 million in additional PERS costs; Lane County will face $2.2 million; Bethel School District will face $1.6 million; the city of Springfield will face $1.33 million and EWEB will face $1.1 million.

Lane Community College officials declined to provide an estimate of the college’s 2017-18 payroll — which would have provided a more realistic look at its added costs — but said that its PERS costs would grow by $856,000 if the college’s new higher PERS rate was applied to its current year payroll.

The University of Oregon didn’t provide any budgetary information by Monday’s deadline, a week after the request originally was made. …

On the public records front, some interesting other ones in the log, here:



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