Emoluments clause

Dear General Counsel’s Office:

Can a professor accept a bottle of Macallan 12 double-cask from a graduating student, after grades have been submitted? Asking for a friend.

Thanks, UO Matters

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5 Responses to Emoluments clause

  1. Bob Keefer says:

    I believe you’re required to allow a neighborhood journalist to sample the goods to make an accurate determination.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    You must turn yourself in NOW! With that bottle in hand, of course.

  3. Kevin Reed says:

    We should meet in person to evaluate your options. I’ll bring the ice.

    • UO Matters says:

      Sounds good – I’ll drop by your office while there’s still a little left. I mean my friend will.

  4. Focused anger cuts says:

    Wait, wouldn’t it it be more effective before grading? Meaning, the grading would go better with the bottle in hand? We all have an interest in quality grading, right?

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