UO Senate re-elects “sellout” Harbaugh

Emma Henderson reports in the Daily Emerald here:

“… too much of a sellout to the administration…”

Despite this, the Senate re-elected Harbaugh as VP for 2017-18, and as President for 2018-19. No one else ran. The good news is that Chris Sinclair (Math) will be Senate President for the coming year.

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8 Responses to UO Senate re-elects “sellout” Harbaugh

  1. Dog says:

    eh, Harbaugh, Trump, bullshit, what’s the difference …?

  2. BillyGoat says:

    Ah, the good old Medvedev-Putin tag team move.

  3. Publius says:

    President for life.

  4. jackmccoy says:

    It was all the discussion of emails that got you elected in the first place…..

  5. a true anonymous here says:

    Reading the article is just Harbaugh calling himself “sellout.” Most people, and I am one of them, appreciate the work that Bill has done in the Senate and in committees.

  6. Serge Protektor says:

    It should be a multi-year appointment anyway. Rotating the Senate presidency annually is absurd. Congratulations, Comrade Harbaugh!

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