Economics: A cesspool of misogyny

That’s the conclusion of David Card, based on results from a new paper by Alice Wu, analyzing messages on the econ job rumors website. The NYT story, with links, is here.

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  1. just different says:

    Econ Job Market Rumors posters aren’t just grotesquely sexist. Some time ago I stumbled upon the following lovely threads on students with learning disabilities:

    There are more, believe me. You kind of have to admire that so many of them just come out and say what I’m sure many other faculty are already thinking. Probably the esteemed George J. Borgas finds this ignorant nastiness “refreshing” too.

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  2. huh says:

    I’m sincerely stunned “just different” is an economist.

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    • uomatters says:

      Please try and keep clearly defamatory accusations such as that above off my blog.

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      • really says:

        Of course EJMR has become an official referee on a forthcoming paper in the AER….

        But its awful there. So bad. Don’t judge economists by them, please….

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  3. billygoat says:

    Wow, this is very disheartening. Not just because of the contents of the article-YIKES!- but also because of the interpretation given by UOM, who chose to give credit for the study to David Card when the paper was really written by Alice Wu, a FEMALE undergraduate student. Come on!

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    • uomatters says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve added Wu’s authorship to the title while keeping Card’s conclusion.

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  4. uomatters says:

    UO’s officially collected student teaching comments are another cesspool of misogyny, from what I’ve heard.The Senate will attempt to deal with that this year. The numerical scores are well known to be discriminatory w.r.s.t gender and ethnicity, but does anyone know of a textual analysis of written teaching evaluation comments, similar to that done with EJMR?

    And not to make light of the gender harassment problem, but EJMR also has it out for me. For some reason they like my cousin Jim though: site:// harbaugh

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