How not to recruit top tenure track faculty to a tier 1 research university

Use a cutesy cartoon figure to remind them of your bloated, scandal ridden big-time athletic program:

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9 Responses to How not to recruit top tenure track faculty to a tier 1 research university

  1. just different says:

    Wait–this was SOJC’s idea? And Tim Gleason retweeted it? Aren’t these people supposed to be media-savvy?

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Actually, it may be very telling. The progressive social justice warriors meet the progressive corporate world at the progressive corporate university. Look at the topics: enviro, social media, games, intersectionality, social justice. Even the clueless Republicans have caught on.That big goofy duck may look dumb to some of us, but I’ll bet they get plenty of attention.

    Now, I wouldn’t recommend this when they try to recruit aniother Nobelist …

    • Dog says:

      Wineland definitely came here because there are no goofy ducks in Boulder

      • UO Matters says:

        Yup, there’s a reason they call it Schrodinger’s cat, not his duck. Or maybe there’s not.

        • Dog says:

          Schrodinger’s duck would constantly be confused about which end was its ass and which was its brain -hmm – that kind of sounds relevant to UO procedures …

  3. Thedude says:

    they’ve just figured out hiring poor performing faculty is the best response to fixed merit pools by department.

  4. Old Man says:

    Once upon a time the UO hired beginners on the promise of accomplishment. It is widely appreciated that George Streisinger, hired here into his first academic position, would have been a serious contender (and, in my opinion, a sure winner) for a Nobel Prize had he not died at an early age from a heart attack. He was also a winner (1965) of the UO’s Ersted award for teaching excellence. He was attracted here by the prospect of teaching undergraduates on a liberal arts campus and in conducting research on problems of his choice. I doubt that he ever attended a football game.

    • Dog says:

      When Streisinger was offered a job at the UO in 1959,

      UO had an enrollment of about 7500 students
      so nice scale, accessible administration, not the uncaring and
      opaque processing facility of today.

      In addition, the newly established IMB was pretty unique in the country and so UO was a unique place to go. Now the UO seems unique in more undesirable ways.

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