Deans behaving badly on CAS Assoc Dean, CoD Head appointments

Rumor has it that CAS Dean Andrew Marcus will appoint Carol Stabile (WGS) to a newly created position of Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion. From what I can tell there was no open search or apparently any consideration of other candidates, and no position announcement or job description was ever posted.

This is a terrible way to fill a job like this – it’s against shared governance, against the principle of open searches instead of insider deals, and it does a disservice to Stabile, who is returning from a year at UMD and will now start the job under a cloud. A group of faculty has already written Marcus in protest.

Back in the day Affirmative Action and Equality Opportunity insisted on transparency for jobs like this, which would be posted online with the heading “internal candidates only”, so that everyone interested would at least be able to submit an application. When Provost Linda Brady failed to do this, for a search for a VP for Institutional Diversity, Federal Judge Thomas Coffin ordered her to explain. (Doc 32).

Meanwhile, CoD Dean Christoph Lindner has sent the following email around to his faculty:

Dear colleagues,

I am writing to update you and invite your input on the selection of the new Head of the School of Architecture & Environment.

First, I want to thank all of the faculty who wrote nominations for this important leadership role.

At this time, I have had a chance to meet with all nominees. I have also met with the SAE leadership team to hear their views and recommendations, and I have consulted with the College leadership team, comprised of the other School Heads, to get their feedback. Before making a decision on the appointment, I want to invite the faculty in SAE to share their feedback on key characteristics, skills, and expertise the new School Head should have. It is important for me to understand what you value in this position and what you see as high priorities for the School going forward.

Please write to me directly with your feedback before noon on Friday, May 18. I will move forward with an appointment after carefully considering all faculty feedback.

The School of Architecture & Environment is a uniquely talented community. I am excited by the strengths of the individual departments and programs in SAE and remain immensely optimistic about the potential of what we can achieve when we bring those strengths together. I look forward to receiving your advice on the appointment of the new School Head.


Christoph Lindner
Dean and Professor

I don’t see that this job was ever posted either, and rumor has it that the fix is already in, but at least he’s making a pretense of consultation.

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3 Responses to Deans behaving badly on CAS Assoc Dean, CoD Head appointments

  1. wasn't a union supposed to help with this says:

    Don’t we have a union in place to help prevent administrative misbehavior and bloat? Whatever little evidence there was that the union would help lead UO to a greater emphasis on shared governance has long since faded. Seems like all the union does recently is collect their fees.

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  2. Alexandre Manuel Dias Farto says:

    Really bad (no) process and worse choice. If CAS is actually serious about ‘building leadership pipelines’ and ‘increasing leadership diversity at Oregon’ then this is the absolute wrong way to go about doing it. And despite the fact that the owner of this website likes Stabile because he imagines she’s fighting the man just like him, she’s left a wake of faculty, departments and units in her wake over the years who are the worse for wear as a result. She is a poor administrator and there is large contingent of faculty, including many women and faculty of color, who, depending on their professional status, either don’t trust her or fear her. Not great CAS.

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  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Undoubtedly a good pick to address the 52-48 gender disparity in enrollment. (I’ll let you guess which gender is underrepresented.)

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