University pays $650K to end lawsuit over blog

The Chicago Tribune has the story here:

A bitter lawsuit between Chicago State University and two professors who published a blog rebuking school leadership is coming to an end after more than four years.

Chicago State has agreed to pay $650,000 in damages and attorneys fees to professors Robert Bionaz and Phillip Beverly, concluding yet another costly litigation involving the Far South Side institution in recent years. The professors alleged that the university violated their free speech rights in repeatedly attempting to shut down their blog, CSU Faculty Voice, which they billed as “the faculty’s uncensored voice.”

Launched in 2009, the blog has criticized university administrators, …

Here at UO Matters I’ve had many lawsuit threats, from the UO Foundation, from former President Frohnmayer (who made similar threats against the Daily Emerald and at least one other newspaper) and from various UO general counsels. Most recently I was warned of one critical comment, that “It is not likely to lead to a place you would want to go.” Or perhaps he just meant North Dakota?

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5 Responses to University pays $650K to end lawsuit over blog

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Oh, those wonderful days of yesteryear, when it was fun to go to UOMatters to catch the latest scandalous accusation, designed Trump-like to provoke the administration to a self-inflicted disastrous response.

    UOMatters eventually tamed itself, resulting in greater relative harmony, if less entertainment for the masses. Will Trump do likewise? Maybe not until his second term?

  2. Fishwrapper says:

    What’s your beef with North Dakota?

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