10 Responses to Rep. Hernandez files bill to disarm UO and PSU police

  1. Realist says:

    What an asshat. UOPD are exemplars of professionalism. Portland Reps not so much.

    If this passes, I’ll start bringing my armory to campus, and make sure UOPD knows where to come when students really do need to be made safer.

  2. Not hyperbole this time says:

    100% of school shootings happen in “gun free zones”.

    Look it up.

  3. Nobody says:

    Let’s go beyond disarming them and disband them.

    • Not Feeling Safe on Campus says:

      I would feel a whole lot safer on campus if UOPD stayed *on campus* and *on foot*. When UOPD officers are out driving around Eugene/Springfield (and they do), who’s around to deal with problems *on campus*?

      I work odd hours. I’ve been followed by creeps at night. Blue lighted call poles are not gonna help me and sure aren’t going to deter creeps from creeping.

      We need UOPD officers out and about on foot, not cruising around in their fortified SUV’s handing out tickets off-campus.

      • Safety Duck says:

        UO has a number of buildings that are a distance away from campus, and UOPD is responsible for those as well. But they don’t just drive randomly around Eugene/Springfield.

        It would be nice if UO had the budget to put 40-50 officers walking around campus at all hours, but that’s not realistic. Given that we can afford only a small contingent, we want them mobile (and yes, adequately armed), so that they can patrol the entire campus, and swoop in fast when trouble strikes.

        It’s regrettable that you feel unsafe. UO has people that will walk with you or drive you. Are you taking advantage of these?

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