Adriene Lim is a finalist at Nebraska, Juan-Carlos Molleda at BU

5/1/2019 update:

Thanks to a reader for the tip on Lim. The rumor on Molleda leaving is now widespread, apparently he’s their favorite or close to it.

Both are, from what I hear, widely respected for how they have handled some tough times at SOJC and the Libraries.

I will edit comments on this post more carefully than usual, so please avoid any unsubstantiated statements about either.

There are also rumors about two other deans deciding to spend more time with their families, but those may be wishful thinking.

4/18/2019: That’s the rumor tonight, from several sources. Details when I have more.

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17 Responses to Adriene Lim is a finalist at Nebraska, Juan-Carlos Molleda at BU

  1. Curious George says:

    Who is it?

  2. New Year Cat says:

    On the up side, that would save UO some money…..

  3. Library Lover says:

    Both of these Deans have brought good leadership to the UO. It’s sad that we are not able to retain diversity in Eugene. The libraries’ heart will keep beating to support all students and faculty, but it may need a little extra pumping for awhile. The budget cuts never help.

  4. jhils says:

    I’m not in either of these units, and like all humans both AL and JC have their strengths and weaknesses, but I would disagree that they are “widely respected.”

    Both have reputations as not being team players, and by that I don’t mean an unwillingness to kowtow to Johnson, I mean an inability to work with and listen to their own faculty and staff as well as other units across campus. I would agree that they both positively help to diversify the university, and there’s already not enough women in real positions of authority at UO, but they’re also both clearly career-focused administrators who moved up the reputation ladder in coming to UO and are now looking to move onto even bigger/better-resourced institutions.

  5. New Year Cat says:

    Yes, at least in the case of AL I would doubt that we are not keeping “diversity” so much as we are not keeping a career-focussed and ambitious person. And with the state of UO and higher ed finances, who can blame people for looking elsewhere?

    Since AL is an administrator, and not a front-line worker, I imagine the libraries’ “heart” will just keep beating on as well as ever.

  6. Respectfully yours says:

    As a member of the UO community, I am disheartened by this pettiness whenever people are looking for new jobs. None of is required to stay at the UO for life. Looking for a new job, should not open us up to having anonymous aspersions of character volleyed about. There is no need for each us to vote on whether someone is widely respected.

    What is a team player at the UO? Assenting to constant budget cuts and centralizations? Agreeing in public and then undercutting people behind their backs by posting in an anonymous blog?

    Dean Lim’s five year full review was just completed. It was overwhelming positive so asserting that there are faculty and staff out there who are not being heard or ‘worked with’ was not backed up the comments provided in the review.

    • uomatters says:

      Thank you for this comment.

      • Anonymous says:

        I know, in some capacity, the initial’s being bandied about, including provost JB, that are looking elsewhere and they all basically are motivated by the same thing: they see larger opportunities at other places than they see here, at UO, even with the promise of the KC. This should be of real concern to the BOT but I suspect they don’t give a shit, except in the case of RM.

        About RM – only speculation here, but the NCAA trial is about concluded in NYC (read all about Sean Miller Arizona if you want details) and the UO has been investigated and there has been testimony about Bol Bol and possible payments to him and so RM may be aware of coming sanctions that occurred on his watch and wants to bolt elsewhere (much like Chip Kelly and his unsuccessful bolt)

        I am quite sure that Kenny Jacoby will document the implications of the trial in the near future.

  7. Furious Green Ideas says:

    Yes, the mass exodus of administrative folk in the run-up to HR’s Red June layoff spree is disconcerting, but let’s try to stay focused on what’s important:

    Where have the Like and Dislike buttons gone? How will we receive our dopamine hits from having our opinions validated by anonymous internet strangers without quantitative metrics?

    • uomatters says:

      Somebody was logging in from various VPN’s around the world and and downvoting things by the dozens. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hello??? I worry that many people are missing the big issue here. Let’s look at the past year. Here’s who’s left UO: Terry Hunt (Dean Honors College), Andrew Marcus (Dean College of Arts and Sciences), Christoph Lindner (Dean AAA), Jayanth Banavar (Provost). And who’s working on leaving: Rob Mullens (Athletic Director), Adriene Lim (Dean of Libraries), Juan-Carlos Molleda (Dean Journalism). And, there are “rumors” of two other deans wanting to “spend more time with their families.”
    OK – Now think about the bogus internal search for provost. That’s of course very strategic on Mike Schill’s part. He wants someone who he knows will tow his party line (i.e. not have their own brain). But, more importantly, who in their right mind would actually come to UO when they see the shit show afloat?
    Thank you Mike Schill for screwing up a beautiful place.

    • uomatters says:

      Rumor has it that Lim was offered the job but turned it down in hopes of something better.

      • Curious George says:

        Dear Colleagues,

        I am writing to let you know that Adriene Lim, dean of Libraries and Philip H. Knight Chair, has accepted a position as dean of the University of Maryland Libraries on the flagship College Park campus. Her last day at UO will be July 8.

        Adriene has provided great vision for UO Libraries, and she has been a vocal advocate around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Please join me in congratulating her on her new position. She will do great things at the University of Maryland and I am proud of her accomplishments.

        We will begin work immediately to ensure a smooth transition. Our plan is to name an interim dean of Libraries by the end of June. I have sent a message to UO Libraries faculty and staff to provide them with information on next steps. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Angela Wilhelms.


        Jayanth Banavar
        Provost and Senior Vice President

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