Administrators make last minute concessions to union

Update: As a regular reader points out, even after these “concessions” the offer still amounts to a real pay cut for many staff:

9/15/2019: That’s the rumor from a usually reliable source. I guess the bucket wasn’t empty after all. SEIU’s system-wide strike vote is tomorrow. Meanwhile the UO’s administration’s negotiations with the GTFF are stalled and the GE’s are on schedule for a mid fall strike, so I guess you can expect our administration to keep jacking them around til then. Bargaining with the faculty union will start early this winter.

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5 Responses to Administrators make last minute concessions to union

  1. It's classified. says:

    Concessions? They budged a smidge. Adjusting for inflation, it’s still a 5% pay cut by June 2021.

    • Fishwrapper says:

      But Di Saunders keeps telling the press they started by offering 12% over two years. Surely they took math into consideration when asking her to spout that line…right?

      • Compulsory Pessimist says:

        The classified workers who topped out prior to that graph’s start date (Dec 2016) have been losing for YEARS because we haven’t gotten a COLA anywhere near inflation for at least a decade now, maybe longer.

        Is it any wonder so many of us are on food stamps?

  2. HillofBeans says:

    In our capitalist economic system, ruthless pursuit of organizational interests is expected and revered. For unions to flourish in this environment, contract negotiations must result in cash returns to members greater than the rate of inflation PLUS the cost of annual dues. Union power is, otherwise, diminished and wasted.

  3. Deplorable Duck says:

    UO income adjusted for inflation?

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