UO President Dave Frohnmayer’s extra-ordinary pay.

Comparator compensation, using equivalent definitions, is roughly $520,000 or $480,000 if you use “all public and private PhD granting”.

The President of UC-Berkeley is paid $467,556 plus a house.
Dave Frohnmayer gets $662,764 plus a house.

$195,208 more than the President of Berkeley?

Update 5/14/2009: At yesterday’s Senate meeting Provost Bean claimed that Frohnmayer was paid just slightly more than his peers. Bean’s numbers depart from the standard Chronicle.com definition by not reporting the $206,000 Frohnmayer receives in 401K and retirement pay. Even without that extra 401K money, he will likely get the most expensive PERS payout in state history, by a very large margin.

Update 5/7/2009: Rumor has it that, after some pressure, the OUS board has told Frohnmayer that they are not interested in his golden parachute retirement proposal that they let him manage UO’s money losing Bend programs from his home at Mt. Batchelor. Instead he will be given an office suite in the UO Honors College, a secretary to help him put his papers in order, and an assistant to help him teach his class in “leadership”. His current TA Barbara West, who is paid $68,000 (for 0.5 FTE) and who apparently does most of the grading, student contact, and half the lectures for this course, which is pretty highly rated by the undergrads, is retiring.

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3 Responses to UO President Dave Frohnmayer’s extra-ordinary pay.

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you think the faculty are screwed compensation wise, well, just be damn glad you’re not an Officer of Administration. We’re totally screwed. And talk about having to keep silent for fear of retaliation, no protection or even a wisp of one. My experience with tenure track faculty is that they’ll lie and keep all the pie for themselves as they can, just like the administrators. And a union? The tenured/tenure track faculty I’ve talked to directly have made it clear they don’t want OA’s in “their” union. Like we might bring down the wages or sully them. Sheesh.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a tenure-related faculty and I want ALL OAs in the UNION. The more the merrier–the bigger the voice. We’re all working for the MAN. And a Union will help higher ed in this state have a bigger voice in Salem–the administration should want the faculty and OAs to unionize.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If Dave Frohnmayer still is around and collecting his gross paycheck, take care. Anyone aware of the way Phil Knight of Nike used to collaborate with Frohnmayer to misuse students? Because Knight blew his stack when he learned UO students joined the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), Dave got off the hook when someone (anyone other than the president himself?) got the State System of Higher Education to rule WRC membership was illegal. It’s a story some enterprising reporter (one with integrity) ought to research and reveal to the public. – George Beres