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UOMatters tries doing something constructive

6/14/2009: Taken from the official web biography of which chronically insecure leader: Dave Frohnmayer, Kim Il-Jong, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? “No president has served so long nor, many would say, been so admired—even loved.”

Frohnmayer is leaving soon, and we hope a few of his cronies too. While we think it’s important and amusing to “keep the big boys honest” by making sure there is a permanent googleable record of what they say and do, it’s not enough. Exposing wasteful spending is one place we have a comparative advantage over … well, no one else even bothers – certainly not the UO administrators, who benefit from boondoggles like Bend.

Roughly speaking, it takes $1 million to raise the average faculty salary $700. We’ll start with some digging into the Bend program, which we think is losing about $1 million. Please add suggestions for other boondoggles in the comments – we’ll need to find a few more!

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