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 2/16/2010:  From today’s Karen McGowan story in the RG, follow up to yesterday:

A former professor who last week won a reverse race discrimination lawsuit against the University of Oregon said Monday that she feels vindicated by the federal jury’s verdict but is still paying a high price for the unfair treatment.

A U.S. District Court jury awarded Paula Rogers more than $164,000 after finding that she suffered adverse treatment and a hostile work environment in the UO’s East Asian Languages and Literatures department because she is only half Japanese. Jurors also found that Rogers suffered departmental retaliation for filing a grievance over the discrimination.
“This experience has been very traumatizing, and my life’s pursuit and career have been derailed,” Rogers said. “Although I appreciate the damages awarded, I would rather have my job back.”

Rogers was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and American father. She grew up there, first coming to the United States at 18 to attend college. She called her experience at the UO a “microcosm” of the inequality that mixed-race residents face in Japan.

According to the statement, the UO spent about $500,000 in attorney fees in the course of the nearly five-year legal battle.
UO general counsel Melinda Greer (Grier) was unavailable to respond Monday to Rogers’ and Dugan’s comments.

If I understand the process correctly, this means UO pays $500,000 in fees to the Oregon DOJ for the costs of the defense. The $164,000 damages, on the other hand, are paid by an insurance fund established by the state. You’re doing a heckuva job, Ms Grier. PS – here’s the link to the East Asian Languages and Literatures Diversity Plan. Writing those plans cost UO another $1 million or so. Very effective, Dr. Martinez.

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