Who pays for those athletic scholarships anyway?

2/22/2010: Seems like a good time to remind people that the UO athletics department’s claims of self-sufficiency are pretty thin. Through a very odd deal tied to a failed sports gambling game, the state Lottery Commission pays $1.2 million a year to the UO athletic department for athletic scholarships. The athletics department has used the subsidy to increase coaches’ salaries. This whole fiasco started when “the Oregon Legislature voted to ban the Oregon Lottery’s NFL-betting games to meet a condition from the anti-gambling NCAA.” Clearly, gambling is not for everyone but when you check out some of the biggest wins people have had payout, it’s easy to see why they might have thought they would fare better. The fact that they tried to set up a sports gambling game clearly shows that the business side is not doing very well at all. Luckily there are still many websites for gambling that people can choose from, in case they were looking forward to getting into this one. From slots to free spins (you could check out https://casinomartini.com/ca/new-casinos/ if you would be interested), there are many bonuses that these online casinos could provide you people to earn a winning bonus and start off their winning streak! And not only various websites, but there are also apps too, that could be used to get your hands all warmed up for gambling! Websites such as 918kiss.care have games such as mega88 agent online for those who would like to flex their gambling and casino muscles, however, the coaches’ salaries have well cared for it looks like, so they did not need the gambling game after all.

In addition, the academic side sold athletics the site for the Jaqua building for $1, paid another million in so in costs for it, and, from what we can deduce so far, paid about $5 million for the athlete only parking slots in the Matt Court parking garage now under construction – or more accurately those costs will be spread out over all people buying parking passes.

And, from Rachel Bachman of the Oregonian, earlier this year:

Oregon sports lost $1.2 million the fiscal year before Bellotti took over the athletic director’s job from Pat Kilkenny, according to a report every school files annually with the NCAA, released to The Oregonian this week in response to a public records request. The gap is significant because for the past six years Oregon athletics officials have touted their economic self sufficiency.

Then of course there’s the tax expenditure cost of the deductibility of donations to athletics. Roughly, every dollar donated costs federal taxpayers $0.40, and state taxpayers $0.10.

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