From the RG letters:

4/1/2010: From the RG letters:

What do administrators do? So what could be worse than some Duck football players who beat up their girlfriends, steal stuff, get drunk, do drugs, etc.? I mean, really? What could be worse?
Well, I think I know: certain people who get $2.3 million in severance pay (for what?) and former administrators who pull in $30,000 a month (for what?) while students pay higher tuition and underpaid faculty try to figure out what the heck those administrators do anyway.
I didn’t know what the heck they did when I joined the University of Oregon faculty in 1976. And retired now, I still don’t know! I do know that there are lots of administrators. Administering, I guess.
Go Ducks! Just don’t ask me where.
Barbara Dale May
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