Socialist Worker’s Party attacks Lariviere plan, Oregonian supports it.

5/20/2010: The official organ of the Socialist Worker’s Party opposes Lariviere’s restructuring plan. I’d been waiting for them to weigh in. The Oregonian, on the other hand, is much more positive (this is from 5/15, not sure how I missed it – thanks, anonymous UO administration person.)

… But what isn’t acceptable is to fall back on the status quo. There is no reason, none, to believe that Oregon’s system of higher education as it is now structured is going to get the infusion of support that it needs to survive and flourish. Higher ed in Oregon has been waiting decades for its ship to come in. It’s not coming. … Oregon’s faculty salaries and financial aid for students are far below comparable universities. … Maybe there are other, better ways to strengthen Oregon’s public university system. But as Richard Lariviere responds to everyone who challenges his proposal, “Do you have a better idea?”

You know how editorials work, right? Lariviere goes up to Portland, meets with the editorial staff, and makes his pitch. They ask questions, they decide what their opinion is and they write it up. Their opinion is now that UO faculty are underpaid. Oh yeah, on the way back to Eugene Lariviere stops at some middle school in Woodburn and meets with the low SES kids to talk up college. I don’t even know where the hell Woodburn is. But now UO has a bunch of friends there too. So, the official UO Matters opinion on Lariviere? This guy is earning his paycheck.

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