Those damn economists:

5/25/2010: Across the board cuts. From Harry Esteve in the Oregonian:

The sheer size of the drop stunned lawmakers, who listened in stony silence as state economist Tom Potiowsky and senior economist Josh Harwood went through the numbers. .. House Minority Leader Bruce Hanna, R-Roseburg, said the shortfall “is a product of the Democrats’ massive overspending and the $1.8 billion in new taxes and fees they’ve passed since 2009.” Hunt responded by noting that nearly every budget passed in 2009 did so with large bipartisan majorities. 

David Steves in the RG:

SALEM — Gov. Ted Kulongoski today said he would deal with a projected half-billion-dollar budget shortfall by ordering 10 percent cuts to all programs — education, human services and public safety — starting in July. The governor’s edict came just minutes after state economists reported that income-tax revenues were not coming in at expected levels…. The governor said he is extending a pay freeze for managers and other non-unionized state employees. … Kulongoski said he hoped the university system could absorb its share of the cutback by tapping reserves it has built up in recent years.

So, they are going to punish UO for planning ahead. In case you were on the fence regarding the need for Lariviere’s UO restructuring plan.

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