6/12/2010: There is an article on the latest shifts in athletic conferences in USA Today here, and another on the PAC-16 specifically here. My takeaway is that college football is getting even more profitable, and that players and academics will continue to get nothing from it – so, uh, who will get the money, coach?

You’d probably have to be an economist or something to understand what’s going on here. And they do quote one attempt to provide a game-theoretic model using an information revelation mechanism with binding incentive compatibility and participation constraints as in Holmstrom (1977) and Myerson (1979):

“Of course they’re going to say that,” Smith College economics professor Andrew Zimbalist said of the Big Ten’s repeated emphasis on academics. “What are they going to say? ‘We’re going to prostitute ourselves?’ “

Actually, it’s only prostitution if you get paid. So as a UO professor I am only 82% ashamed. Thanks to Margaret Soltan for the link.

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