UO’s parking plan

6/29/2010: UO’s 2010 parking plan is here, a summary is posted here. Some abstracts:

The East Campus Residence Hall project is the most recent project that will affect the parking supply east of campus. It will displace roughly 300 parking spaces in the Bean Hall parking lot (large parking lot south of 15th Avenue between Columbia and Moss). The UO will construct an equal or greater number of replacement spaces to compensate for this loss.

Where will this occur?

The University is planning new parking areas on several sites (see Context Map on last page). After conceptual designs are complete, the UO will adjust the overall plan, then proceed with detailed design and construction. Plans being developed will be in compliance with City parking area standards. Projects currently under construction or planned include:

  • Parking structure on the Arena site: This 375 space parking structure is under construction and will open in January of 2011.
  • Northside Parking Project: A new parking lot on the former Whitaker property at the southwest corner of Riverfront Parkway and Millrace Drive. This property is owned by the City of Eugene and will be developed as a parking lot through lease or purchase by the UO.
  • Moss Street: The UO proposes to purchase Moss Street between 15th and 17th from the City and convert it to a private street with mostly head-in parking. Moss Street will still be maintained as a two-way through street open to the public.
  • Moss Street, north of 15th Avenue: The UO will construct parking spaces along this portion of Moss Street, which the UO already owns.
  • Villard Alley: The UO proposed to install head-in parking along the east side of the north portion of Villard Alley between 15th Ave. and 17th Ave. and pave the alley where it is currently gravel.
  • Walnut Station: Former ODOT property between 15th and Franklin: The UO proposes to convert portions of this property to be used as a parking lot by meeting current City code parking area standards.
  • Former Romania SUV lot (adjacent to the ODOT property): The UO proposes to convert this property to a parking lot by meeting current City code parking area standards.

What’s the net effect on the daily parking supply?

Compared to conditions from 2008, prior to major construction activities, the University’s baseline supply of parking will increase, as shown below:

Fall 2008        3059
Winter 2009    2814
Fall 2009        3067
Fall 2010        3070
Winter 2011   3699

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