How Lorraine Davis earns her $360K

7/11/2010: From Rachel Bachman in the Oregonian. This is fucking unbelievable perhaps just a little bit surprising, given why Pres Lariviere fired Melinda Grier:

Dana Altman, on the job for nearly 11 weeks as Oregon men’s basketball coach, does not have a formal contract despite a university pledge to quickly finalize such documents.

But interim athletic director Lorraine Davis said Friday that Oregon and Altman’s agent are trading paperwork during the busy summer recruiting months and that Altman’s contract will be completed soon.

“As far as I understand and know, we’re very close,” Davis said. “Certainly you wish these things would be done in a week, but.. I’m not concerned.” …

Of course she’s not concerned. She gets paid $30K a month regardless. When we get a new AD, she goes back to collecting $10K a month for arranging the sorority girl/football recruit get togethers and proctoring exams at away games. When’s the next team trip to Hawaii? And why is her salary on the academic budget instead of the athletic budget?

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