Oregonian folds on Lariviere’s restructuring plan

7/19/2010: First the Oregonian was for Lariviere’s UO restructuring plan, now they are supporting Pernsteiner’s alternative, which would take control from the legislature but give it to OUS instead of UO. What do those bureaucrats in OUS do for higher education? How much does it cost the state?

Why would an alumni give money to the Oregon University System? But this is what they would be doing under this proposal, because OUS will move last, and reallocate the state money to the schools with the least private support. The UO alumni in a position to give didn’t get there by being that stupid.

Lariviere’s approach has some issues, but at least it is a path forward. Pernsteiner’s alternative is nothing – though he does have the support of the official organ of the Socialist Worker’s Party in opposing Lariviere’s proposal.

Links to what is available on both proposals can be found here.

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