Bolt on Geller in RG

11/7/2010: Greg Bolt of the RG on the promotion of Randy Geller to General Counsel:

A six-month search for a new general counsel led the University of Oregon right back to Johnson Hall. Randy Geller, the university’s deputy general counsel, recently was given the top job as UO general counsel. He takes over for his former boss, Melinda Grier, whom UO President Richard Lariviere ousted from the job earlier this year and reassigned to a teaching post in the law school. …

The UO administration’s spin – that real reforms have been made at UO wrst transparency – does not seem to be getting a lot of traction with the legitimate press. Given this promotion, UO is not going to put the Bellotti/Grier scandal behind us until someone explains what role Geller played or did not play in it, and in other efforts by UO to hide public records during his years as Frohnmayer’s assistant and then Grier’s deputy.

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