More on OUS opposition to Lariviere plan

12/15/2010: Greg Bolt has an excellent summary of the politics of Lariviere’s restructuring plan in the RG. I like the part where the UO Foundation lobbyist calls the argument from OUS Board President Paul Kelly “crazy”. Who appointed Paul Kelly, why does he hate us, and how in the world can he and the OUS board decide to oppose Lariviere’s plan without a meeting and a public discussion?

For some good background on the plan, see this Brent Walth story. While I’m on the topic of Walth, you should read his stories on the OWIN boondoggle – more than $600 million in state funds, mostly wasted. Excellent use of the Oregon public records law. The RG really needs to reprint more stuff from the Oregonian, their own coverage of state matters is just too thin.

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