OUS board votes against Lariviere plan

12/11/2010: From Bill Graves in the Oregonian:

“We see their position as what is good for the UO with very little consideration for the impact on others in the system,” Kelly said. 

That’s Paul Kelly, the OUS board chair. The guy who happily signed off on furloughs for the staff, raises for the OUS Chancellor Pernsteiner, and Frohnmayer’s golden parachute. Lariviere’s plan is a threat to his power to dole out money and favors, the board’s vote is not a surprise.

Curious about the debate and vote? Too bad – OUS board secretary Ryan Hagemann hasn’t put their minutes online since December 2006. Make a public records request? The minutes haven’t even been transcribed. They fired the person who did that so they could give Pernsteiner a $26,000 housing allowance for Portland, to go along with his state supplied mansion in Eugene.

Kitzhaber has asked for Pernsteiner’s resignation letter – though it’s not clear he will really get the boot, or if there will just be a tough heart to heart. Regardless, it looks like Pernsteiner and Kelly plan to do whatever damage they can to UO in the next few months.

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