Lariviere and Nike v. Pernsteiner and bureaucracy

2/15/2011: Lariviere is in Salem today, lobbying the legislature. From David Sarasohn in the Oregonian: 

“We’re trying to preserve the public status of one of America’s great public universities,” Lariviere told his troops, sounding a Rockne-like tone unusual in the gray-flannel suits of university presidents.

“Oregon is ready for this, and Oregon is with this,” he declared, citing a recent poll. “… This is a time to be bold. This is no time to be timid. We need to act to preserve not only the University of Oregon, but the entire state.” …

Oregon being Oregon, the university may have another advantage besides boldness. “Nike has indicated support for the program,” said lobbyist Dave Barrows, “and has indicated to its lobbyists in this building that they are to assist in every way they can.”

Politics is a blood sport. It’s George Pernsteiner and OUS v. Richard Lariviere and UO – and Phil Knight. So just do it. With your shield, or on it. Win the day. We can talk later about how to split up the prize money, champ.

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