UO offers up more Huron documents

4/12/2011: From what I hear Huron and Moira Kiltie have fixed the ORSA situation and it is now running smoothly. But this was – is – sure expensive, and Linton is still not telling us how it got this bad. $1,789,000 should at least buy a story. But nope – I had to pay UO $48 to get these records! “Millions for consultants, not a cent for trust and transparency!” T. Jefferson on the Barbary pirates.

However, in response to my petition to AG Kroger, UO and Liz Denecke have finally provided the missing appendix with the consultants’ qualifications, here. Clearly someone in the administration has told her to be more transparent – this time. She also gave up bit more documentation on the breakdown of costs – here, sample for January below. Still no itemized expense breakdown. At least Dr. Pernsteiner filled out the forms!

By the way, I’m down to the Old Overholt now, friends.

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