UO cuts Oregon unemployment rate

5/25/2011: (reposted, original lost in the blogger reboot).

Oregon’s unemployment rate is 10.5%, but UO is doing what it can to put people to work in key sectors of the American economy of the future. First there’s the mission critical “Cheer Advisor” job. The ad calls for:

Proven ability to manage and advise a cheerleading group of 30+
college students required.

Down at the faculty club they say the inside candidate is Pat Kilkenny. Then there’s this new position:

Dr. Dan Close, Family and Human Services Program Director and John Duncan, Director of the Holden Leadership Center wish to announce the direct interim appointment of Keri Bellotti in a 1.0 FTE position as the Coordinator of Global Services and Volunteerism …

No search, no competitive hiring process, they don’t even post the job description, and then poof – a 12 month appointment as an Officer of Administration. Wait, where have I heard that Bellotti name before, sounds familiar. Well, here’s hoping our General Counsel gets a written contract this time.

Speaking of which, Randy Geller is still searching for an Assistant General Counsel. It’s been a year now Randy, give it up, the word is out, nobody wants to work for you. Your only chance is finding someone who’s never used google.

Two more serious jobs have also been posted. Brad Shelton’s job is going from 0.5 to 1.0 FTE. Good. (But a commenter points out that Brad’s already been working 0.75 time at it. But what’s $30K between administrators?) And then there’s the announcement for the Frances Dyke replacement. I’d like to know who led the transition team that recommended Lariviere keep Ms Dyke on for his first two years, but this ad is real progress:

In 2010, in response to decreases in state funding, President Richard
Lariviere proposed a new governance and funding structure to allow for
increased autonomy in making institutional decisions. …

Reporting to the President, the new CFO will play a critical role in
positioning the UO for the future. S/he will provide counsel to the
Provost and the President regarding all financial issues and will be
expected to leverage this new market landscape, through innovative
financial strategy and management. The CFO will be expected to forge a
financial vision and strategy for the UO; enhance organizational and
operational capacity and efficiency; enhance institutional systems,
policies, and processes to support creative decision making and
responsibility centered management; increase and leverage new and
existing sources of revenue; and partner across the University and State
to make a new governance and funding vision a reality.

This is an exciting job. Lariviere is going to pay plenty and he will have his pick of candidates. And maybe Huron Consulting will hire Ms Dyke, and spare UO the 1039 hours golden parachute contract. They sure owe her.

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