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Pernsteiner’s SB242 bill advances

6/3/2011: There were three bills in the legislature for higher ed reform this year.

Gov. Kitzhaber’s bills to replace OUS and Dr. Pernsteiner Mr. Pernsteiner with a new K-20 “Educational Investment Board”

UO President Lariviere’s proposals to create a free and independent UO Board of Directors focused on improving UO’s academic and research success and our contributions to a healthy, sustainable and diverse Oregon economy, while using private donations to double a modest state funded bond endowment, saving Oregon families and students on their tax and tuition dollars.

OUS Chancellor Pernsteiner’s proposals to centralize authority for higher education in the hands of a careerist mid-level manager without a PhD who was appointed by a disgraced child molesting ex-governor without a public search, and then blow the state’s tax money on his own inflated salary, mansion, car, extra housing allowance, and undocumented expense accounts. 

 According to this David Sarasohn story, only Pernsteiner’s plan is still alive.

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