Public Records Theft

8/2/2011: Beth Velliquette in the Durham Herald-Sun reports someone broke into the UNC Honor Court and stole their files on a football player plagiarism scandal. Apparently his university employed tutor didn’t actually write his paper for him – she got lazy and just copied it off the internet. Stupid. So a reporter decided to do an end run on FERPA and NC’s excellent sunshine law, or a booster decided some evidence needed to disappear. I’m betting on the latter. Thanks to insidehighered for the link.

Here at UO, I’ve heard lots of stories about how the tutors at the Jock Box spend too much time babysitting our jocks student athletes, and I do have a few issues with the $2 million in regular student tuition Provost Bean spends on the operation ($4000 per athlete, vs. $225 per regular student). But I’ve never heard a complaint about academic dishonesty involving the tutors. Steve Stolp seems to run a tight ship, and he does it for less than half the salary of an assistant football coach or a Lorraine Davis – and no free car or cellphone. Good for him. Not everyone is getting rich off the football players.

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