More on OUS Chancellor, UO Board

9/24/2011: Roundup of recent developments in Gov Kitzhaber’s reorganization of Oregon Education. Worth reading it all, from Bill Graves in the Oregonian:

Gov. John Kitzhaber recently appointed the powerful Oregon Education Investment Board, which he will chair and which will control the budget for education in Oregon from preschool through graduate school.

The state also will have a new Higher Education Coordinating Commission charged with orchestrating the policies and practices of the state’s seven public universities and 17 community colleges.

Less clear is what will happen to the Oregon State Board of Education and the State Board of Higher Education as the new boards take control. The investment board will recommend a plan for the state boards to the Legislature in a report on Dec. 15, said Tim Nesbitt, who is managing the investment board implementation for the governor.

Maybe it’s time for Chancellor Pernsteiner to go back to school and finish up that PhD? Often a good thing to do after a layoff.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the investment board didn’t get appointed.

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