Oregonian on UO

9/26/2011: Two recent opinion pieces in the Oregonian. Both with praise for UO’s ambitions and the importance of that ambition for the state. Steve Duin – not exactly a patsy for UO’s public relations department in the past:

What’s not to like about the university’s ambition, in a state where so few institutions have any.

And Jack Roberts:

University of Oregon: Pursuing excellence in a state committed to mediocrity 

… the other is the tension that existed in 1986 between the Oregon University System and UO President Paul Olum, who like current UO President Richard Lariviere valued excellence and independence over getting along and going along.

Paul Olum is still a legend to the faculty who were around then. It ended with the OUS board firing him in 1987. I don’t think that is going to be the outcome this time.

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