UO Police Force bloat begins

9/14/2011: Maybe UO needs a sworn armed police force. Maybe we don’t. Last year VP Frances Dyke and Chief Doug Tripp spent a lot of time destroying their credibility coming up with implausible reasons why we did – and telling us it would save UO $76,000 a year. Sure.

The legislature passed the bill, and now the hiring binge is starting. A new frontline position in, of course, public relations. Salary, $70,000-$80,000. OK Doug, we get it. You won, you’ve got the guns now. Go ahead, buy the puppy too.

Who approved this hire? Frances Dyke – the same person who told us this would save UO money. She’ll be gone soon, off to a fat golden parachute contract, like John Moseley and Lorraine Davis before her. Your tuition money at work. But wait – there’s more. Check the administrative job listing, here. I count 5 other open public safety administrative jobs. Anyone know how many are new?

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