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Legislators tell Pernsteiner to back off

11/27/2011: Maybe we made a difference:

Letter #1: 19 legislators sign in support of Lariviere.

Letter #2: 8 Eugene area legislators call for Pernsteiner to make no decision at the Monday meeting in Portland, using our GEC complaint closed meeting arguments of insufficient notice. (So, the meeting is on regardless and people should go!)

still waiting for Letter #3: Legislators call for OUS to hold a public meeting to discuss non-renewal of Pernsteiner’s giveaway perk laden employment contract before the 12/31/2011 deadline to give him another year sucking on the government sugar tit.


  1. Andy P. 11/28/2011

    Let’s hope that turning this train around works, although it seems like a long shot. If we fail and Richard really is terminated, maybe we should think like Putin (shudder), convince OUS to install Lorraine Davis as interim President, and then she can hire Lariviere as Provost. A nice little title swap, no need to even swap offices!

  2. Anonymous 11/28/2011

    RL political savvy worked (not) elsewhere too:

    “The description of Lariviere as “brainy and sharp-elbowed” is shared by many in this part of the country. Several members of the Kansas Board of Regents have told this writer Lariviere made the best presentation to the board of any KU representative and better than representatives from the other regents universities. However, they added, he was arrogant and looked down his nose at the regents.”

  3. Anonymous 11/28/2011

    Legislators who signed that in any real position of power: 0.

  4. Anonymous 11/28/2011

    If I had to work with a group–largely made up of wealthy, corporate types or political campaign contributors–who have little understanding of how a major research institution works–I might be casting an occasional eye down the schnoz at them too.

    This whole thing is about people used to having power and getting their way carrying out their usual mode of operation. I watched the same thing happen to Paul Olum. This current process has so many parallels it is spooky. The only major difference is that Kitzhaber has been more vocal in support of the board’s position than Governor Pedophile was.

  5. Stephanie Detjens 12/02/2011

    Now the governor proposes a supreme visionary to rule over the state education system.WOW! Another layer of you know what!! Get the” game the system” guys OUT and give UO autonomy.
    Stephanie Detjens
    lake Oswego

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