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OUS outmaneuvers UO

11/12/2011: We wrote about this possibility back in August. Now it seems to have happened. This new IMDB from the 11/4/2011 OUS Board meeting will leave President Lariviere unable to obtain legal advice from anyone other than attorneys appointed and monitored by Pernsteiner. Read it all.

Not only does it make UO subject to OUS in a way we never have been in the past, but it leaves little room for Lariviere to try another New Partnership end run around Pernsteiner. Lariviere can’t even use Foundation money to get legal advice without OUS oversight. This is a disaster for UO.


  1. Duck Soup 11/12/2011

    Maybe it’s time to bring out the “nuclear option” — does the state really want to throw away $800 million (and counting) in private money for UO?

  2. Anonymous 11/12/2011

    Does it mean Randy can’t outsource his responsibilities?

  3. Anonymous 11/13/2011

    What a bombshell! Does Geller now report directly to OUS? Or is Geller to be replaced by Pernsteiner’s General Counsel?

  4. Anonymous 11/13/2011

    Overheard at Taylors: Pernsteiner will hire
    Melinda Grier to head up legal services for the
    OUS institutions… And Geller will report to
    her as her assistant for UO’s legal services.

  5. Anonymous 11/13/2011

    What are the chances Randy saw the writing on the wall and helped pass this OUS IMD?

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